Larry Church's Family Page

Larry and Teri's

The dogs and some of the cats


Skippy in the foreground, Leeloo (RIP) by the gate


Skippy and Obi Wan


Billy Bob (the cat) and Obi Wan playing..


Billy Bob and Obi Wan sleeping


Suzie, RIP

Suzie just showed up at our door. She and (most likely) her litter mates were dumped. She was emaciated, litterlly skin and bones, most likely dumped two or three days ago.

From the getgo her breating was rapid. She put on 6 oz. over the next four days. Then she crashed, most likely Pneumonia from too many nights out. In the week she was here, we grew attached to her.

The Rant:

How can a person believe that a house pet can survive when dumped in the middle of nowhere? Especially kittens!

We see this over and over again. They, most likely, become coyote chow. It would be much more humain to drop them off at the local pound where they might find a home. Worst case they would be humanely euthanized.

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