Larry Church's Family Page

Larry and Teri's

the House

The house, from under the Hanging Tree

the Grand Pa Tree

The Grand Pa Tree, from under the Hanging Tree.
My favorite palce to sit.

the Grand Pa Tree and corral

The Grand Pa Tree and my bench with the corral in the background.

up the hill

Looking NW, up the hill. Up to Sunol Peak, at 2169 ft.

the drivway and pasture

Looking SE, down the driveway and over the south end of the front pasture.

the barn is comming...

Niles Canyon

Looking SW, the driveway is out of frame to the right.
You are looking down Niles Canyon.

down the driveway

Looking SE, down the driveway, from under the Grand Pa Tree.
Fred is still at the gate, wondering where his lunch is.

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